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The Endgame Wiki is the official encycolepida for The Endgamer's Game. This wiki contains everything from the characters, places, and events that occcur in Roleplay. Besides Endgamer's Game, this site will also contain information and resources on it's relative rolepay that occurs on the forums it is hosted by, Forum Play. This wiki was started in August 2010 to support the expanding project. Those apart of the roleplay/project are welcomed to register and help add to the wiki!

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Endgamer's Game



The good guys of the story. They range from the individual groups who oppose the Endgamer to the miscellaneous characters that are just fighting to get home rather than side with the Endgamer, even if they do not join up with a group of characters/contestants.


Ranging from the characters who work for the Endgamer to the Endgamer himself, or to the characters who are enemies to the protagonists.

Worlds & Maps


Game Statistics

The current game statistics for Endgamer's Game. . . .

Current Round: One
Game Status: Starting
Current Location: Hospital
Current Setting: n/a
Current # of Groups: 0
Current # in Minions: N/A
Total # of Contestants: 0
Death Count: 0
Rebirth/Respawn Count: 0
Total # of Battles: 0
Total # of Areas: 1

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